January 19, 2011


I should not be awake still. I told myself that I'd go to bed a half hour ago but for most of the day I had a headache and felt like I might be getting a cold. Do you ever have those days where your head feels cloudy and its as if your brain just never fully woke up? Well that was my day and finally around 10:30 I felt awake. So I've been putting off sleep.

The weather was such a tease today, 45 and sunny. You just don't get that in Pittsburgh in January very often (the high on Saturday is supposed to be 11. 11.). I took a walk this morning in Frick Park. Snow is still covering all of the hills but the sun started to melt a bit of it so little patches of grass were showing through. We had some freezing rain the night before and so all the sidewalks and the trails in the park were iced over. Sometimes in the winter I almost forget about "the outdoors" because its so cold and dark, it makes me feel like the only place I can be is inside. Winter is an amazing season though. Most of the time I dread it but there are those days when its snowing and instead of rushing inside you just need to stand out in it and watch it fall. This morning was one of those times when I really appreciated winter. Because it was so icy not many people were out, only a handful of people came to the park with their dogs which meant that I could have most of the park to myself. And even though I sat on an icy bench at the top of the hill, it was perfect. In the summer the park would be filled with people, which is fun too, but you never really get to just feel like you are really out in nature...always seeing people there reminds you that you aren't really that far out from the city.

As I was sitting here, not going to bed, I was looking through some photos from this flikr site (just look through them all...thats what I did) and just fell in love with the images. I guess they triggered my thoughts about this morning because seeing her photos of nature and hiking etc. made me wish I could just jump right in them.

I suppose that's really all I have left to distract myself with.

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