January 25, 2011

Steven Siegel

Freight and Barrel 2004, Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, crushed plastics

Steven Siegel.
One of my new favorite eco artists.
Many of his sculptures consist of re-used trash items such as auto parts, shoes, bottles, newspapers, and cans which he then bundles up into a neat mass. His sculptures are almost like a big slap in the face to our consumer habits, of which we are all guilty (Yes, I'm talking to you too, recycling and reusable bag fanatics). I know this kind of art is controversial. Is it really art? Or is it a socio-political statement? Can it be both? I personally don't tend to focus on big statements about controversial issues in my art because I'm not interested in creating debate. I'm more interested in provoking personal thought and creating a relationship between the viewer and the artwork. But I appreciate artists like Siegel for their desire to confront their audience and address real issues.

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