January 22, 2011


I started taking a weaving class for my art education certificate. I didn't get very much sleep last night but I didn't think it would be much of a problem since today was only the first day and I didn't expect to really be doing that much.


Don't ever try to attempt anything involving weaving if your brain can't function right. We didn't even get to the actual weaving part today, we just picked out the yarn and rolled it the way it needs to go for the loom but I must have made 100 mistakes in just tying the stupid knots. And who knew there was math involved in weaving?? Ok, maybe not math really, but there sure are a lot of things involving numbers and my head just can't work that stuff out right. So I was constantly asking the teacher how to do things and then I would sit there in front of my yarn-putting-together-thing (taking classes at an art center is not like the university...you don't get a list of terms to tell you what to call something when you are angry at it) trying to put together what the teacher described with what my yarn looked like. Deer in headlights. That's what I felt like. Eventually I really got the hang of it and got into this great rhythm and just couldn't stop. But then I realized that I had done too much and only needed a certain number of lines so I had to undo it. I probably could have sat there all day doing that yarn-putting-together-thing.

Weaving is another art form that is very process oriented, which I love (photography, welding, and etching are all my personal favorites because of the process). I think this kind of process may end up challenging me because it is so methodical and there is very little room for personal style. Most of what you do is based on patterns, which isn't all bad because it frees your mind to just get into that rhythm and go.

So, speaking of photography. I'm going to leave behind the computer and hit the park with my camera, enjoying the sun and snow.

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