March 25, 2011

Photo Of The Day

Happy Friday! How did your Friday start out? Mine started too early. 6am. I babysat for three adorable little girls (ages 4, 3, 2) this morning. The 4-year-old decided that she wanted to wear christmas themed clothing and the 3-year-old decided that pants were not necessary. And the 2-year-old decided to eat a crayon. Once I realized she was snacking on a pink crayola I immediately pulled it out of her mouth and tried to get all the chewed up bits out of her mouth. She managed to get a lot in there so I had to basically pry her mouth open and in the process she bit down hard on my finger and didn't let go, needless to say that was not a pleasant experience. Then her mother returned and said that crayons aren't toxic and that she does that all the time. Great. Because I was ready to call poison control. Its all worth it though to be there when those little girls wake up and with delight exclaim, "Kirstin!" (except they can't really say my name right, but that makes it even cuter)

So, this photo was taken on the way back from my trip to Italy last summer. I think this is Lake Como? Really though, I have no idea. Its somewhere beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. That (to me) sounds horrific... which is probably why I'm never asked to babysit anyone's kids. I'd totally let a kid eat a crayon if it kept the kid quiet. :)


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