April 15, 2011

Photo Friday

These are a few photographs from when I lived in Chestertown, Maryland, a very small little town on the eastern shore. There's a lot of them, but I wanted to share them all since this week was kind of a slow blogging week. Every once in a while I'll think back and miss my time living there. I miss the river the most. I know Pittsburgh has three rivers but they aren't the kind of rivers you can just walk to and sit on the dock and watch boats go by. I used to take walks through town, past the square, past Play It Again Sam's (still my favorite coffee shop), past the florist, and down to the river. I miss the farmer's market and I miss going with the girls in my dorm out to eat at Proc's. Small town life was nice for two years...but as much as I enjoyed it, I wouldn't trade it for Pittsburgh (as crazy as that is to some).

I took these photos with a simple fish eye camera, you know, back in the days of film...

Happy Friday.

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