May 24, 2011

Grateful for...

Cuba Gallery: Sea background

Cuba Gallery: Sea background

There is a whole lot to be grateful for, some small, some big:

  • My job. I really do think that I have one of the best part time jobs out there. Saturday night was the first of 25 weddings this season (I'm a banquet waitress at a country club). The bride was Ethiopian so there were some traditional elements to the wedding, like fun headdresses and tribal sounding cheers. The highlights: one table ordered 5 glasses of chardonnay, I dropped one glass on a gentlemen which then crashed to the floor...but no worries because one of the Ethiopian women came over and cheered saying that it was a blessing. Then one of my tables caught fire. (My friend and co-worker Lindsay snuck a shot of the outdoor decorations if you want a peek at where I work)
  • homemade cinnamon sugar tortilla chips
  • a porch full of plants
  • the bluejay that steals peanuts from my neighbor
  • walks in my neighborhood at dusk
  • finally finally finally going to the beach this weekend. I have literally been dreaming about the ocean for months (seriously, I would wake up thinking I was at the beach only to be reminded that no, I was still in Pittsburgh and there was still snow outside). I am planning on walking around barefoot, riding my bike on the boardwalk, spending the whole day by the ocean, and collecting shells
[photos via Cuba Gallery]


  1. those are great things to be grateful for!

    i'm grateful for:
    my job as well (computer lab assistant)
    ice cream

    and tons of other things!

  2. so great! thanks for sharing sophia :)

  3. You certainly seemed to have the most "exciting" parts of the evening on Saturday!
    I probably won't see you until mid-June (I'm on vacation June 4th-12th), so have fun at the beach! :)

  4. haha. love this list. especially the bluejay.


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