May 26, 2011

Summer In The City

What gets me through long, cold, and grey Pittsburgh winters is the hope of sunny, warm, and exciting Pittsburgh summers. I adore Pittsburgh in the summer, I think its one of the best cities to live in during these warm months. Maybe its the collective "hurrah!" of Pittsburghers who are ready to say goodbye to winter that makes the summer so thrilling. I've been collecting a list of things to do and places to go this summer and thought I would share it with you. If you don't live here, I recommend making a trip (especially in June or July), and if you do live here, well then I hope you are as excited as I am for this city of ours.

  • Pittsburgh Biennal- a compelling collection among major Pittsburgh galleries and museums to showcase local artists
  • Future Tenant- a fun gallery space
  • Three Rivers Arts Festival- Downtown Pittsburgh is transformed into an artist's dream for about 9 days. Music, performing art, art galleries, film, artist's markets, and more. I plan on going to this. And this because wood-related craft inspires me. I might be one of the few people to ever say that. 
  • Life Drawing at the Panza Gallery- food and life drawing classes for 7 bucks. I can use all the help I can get when it comes to life drawing...
  • Oh Yeah! Ice Cream and Waffles- Hands down the best place for ice cream and especially soy ice cream. They have over 100 "mixin's" to add to your flavor of choice.
  • BBQs at the park, or someone's house, or anywhere
  • WYEP Summer In The City, Final Friday's at Schenley Plaza- Great music. For free. Outside. What more can I say?
  • PNC Park, baseball games- Unfortunately for fans, the Pittsburgh Pirates are not the hailed sports team around the city, however, this means that tickets to a baseball game are relatively cheap...even better for when the Phillies come to town ;)
  • Ohiopyle State Park- one of my favorite places (pictured above)
  • Cinema In The Park- free movies. in the park. 

What's on your list for the summer?

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