May 19, 2011


This time last year I was in Venice, Italy with my mom and oma (grandmother). We spent five days there and walked all over the city, ate amazing food (gelato at least once a day, sometimes twice a day), and saw beautiful art. I had some short video clips that my mom took while we were there and decided to make a little film out of the clips. It's really not anything too special, just something to remember our trip by. I am trying to learn more about digital media since its one of the areas in art that I am a little shaky on and its a possibility that I may need to teach a digital art class during my student teaching, so this is my way of experimenting with video. Hope you enjoy it.

p.s. please note the poor boy who gets hit in the face with the soccer ball...its actually quite funny.

music: Beirut- Rhineland (Heartland)


  1. this is really neat...i've never been to europe, so i really enjoyed it :)

  2. Those are great photos! I am in love with Venice! I've not been lucky enough to see it yet, but it's at the very top of my list:) I mean, I literally have a list. France is second, in case you're curious;) Thank you so much for sharing these and letting me live vicariously through you for a few moments:D XX

  3. are you really not going to say anything about the boy who gets hit in the face with the soccer ball? i just watched that like 3 times in a row. omg hahaha.

    that was really good though! your mom is so cute haha.

  4. Haha, I am so glad you noticed that part...I was thinking about making a note about it...
    and to Ashley, I hope you get a chance to visit Venice someday, its one of my favorite cities :)

  5. Great video...and I miss that city. Such amazing culture and great food and wine of course!

  6. I'm jealous you had such nice weather - when I was there it was cold and rainy every single day (in July/August nonetheless)!


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