June 28, 2011

Hannigan Wedding [part 1]

I haven't been to a ton of weddings but I can confidently say that the wedding last weekend was by far my favorite. Ben and Desiree were married at her mom's house in Edinboro, PA. The house is located right off a dusty old road and across from an amazing field of high grass. I drove up a day early for the rehearsal and to set up and prepare some decorations. The forecast wasn't looking promising; it was starting out as an unusually cold and rainy weekend for late June, but we kept our hopes up.

The day of the wedding I was prepared for a lot of heightened nerves, stressed out families, and hectic decisions as we were setting up but everyone kept their cool (which, if you have ever been "behind the scenes" at a wedding, you know how exceedingly rare that is). I had two amazing friends, Renee and Trisha, help me set up the decorations and everything came out better than expected. The ease and excitement of the whole day made me seriously consider doing weddings as a side job (if only all the families involved in weddings could be like these families).

These are some photos I edited that my friend Trisha took. I snagged them from her since, sometimes being the one to take photos means you don't always end up in any of them. More about the actual ceremony and reception later!


  1. 1. Adorable!
    2. I spy people I know! Yay!
    3. Duh, you ALREADY do weddings as a side job. :)

  2. beautiful and sweet wedding, i love the relaxed feeling about these photos :)


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