June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Oma!

Remember when I told you my family has a lot to celebrate around this time of year? Well, I wasn't kidding. Today is my oma's (which is german for grandmother) 75th birthday! I have always been very close to my oma. When my parents would go on fun skiing vacations and leave my brother and I behind (I'm not bitter about that...really) my oma would come to stay with us and make us german pancakes and clean the house (she is superwoman when it comes to cleaning, she taught me to always make my bed first because it will make the rest of the room look cleaner...and to this day that it what I do every morning). She is one of the most elegant, refined, and beautiful women that I know and at 75 she still dresses with such style and grace. Last summer my mom and oma and I went to Venice together. Everyday my oma would insist that we get our gelato (usually twice in one day. Its Italy, you can't not get gelato twice everyday). I love that both my oma and mom have handed down their passion for traveling to me and that we've had the opportunity to do it together. It was a trip that I know I will always treasure.
Happy Birthday Oma!


  1. that's so neat that you call your grandmother oma - my nephews and niece call my mother oma (it's also the Dutch term) and when I saw this post in my dashboard, my first instinct was to think it was an update from my sister's blog but i was all like - it's not mom's birthday! it's just that you don't find too many Americans who call their grandparents oma and opa but it's awesome that you all hang on to those cultural nuances :) anyways, happy birthday to your oma! she sounds like an incredible lady :)


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