July 19, 2011

Anna Moller

As I was clicking through some websites/blogs of contributors to the Kinfolk Magazine (its always nice to check out an artist's further work) I came across this top photo and couldn't believe what I was seeing. This has been one of my favorite photographs but I've never known who the photographer was. The first time I saw it it was in a Real Simple magazine and I cut it out and stuck it on some cork board we had in our kitchen. There was something about it that just enchanted me. Maybe its the surreal feeling I get when looking at it. Or maybe its the little boy's face or the fact that he is in a chicken costume for who knows what reason. So I am thrilled now to know the name behind the photo: Anna Moller. Viewing some of her other photography only furthered my love for her work, specifically for her photographs of young children. There is an innocence and sentimentality to those photos coupled with an eerie fantastical feeling, as if something about it just isn't real. And isn't that how looking back on your childhood can feel?


  1. 3rd to last picture is epic! and i've gotten so much inspiration from Kinfolk, great spot to rest.

  2. I know! Such a wonderful publication


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