July 22, 2011

Photo Friday

My brother and aunt are living the life over in China right now. This is them by the Li River. I can't really top that so that's why they are my photo for today. 

If I were to show you a photo corresponding to my life right now it would probably be a photo of me trying to keep cool in our apartment with various frozen fruits and vegetables. I'm serious. When you get a heat wave in Pittsburgh and you don't have air conditioning (we are a city used to 9 months of ice and snow...heat wave? What's that?) you will resort to anything. It also means that if you lay down on your bed for just a moment you might end up falling asleep for a long time...

I'm going to get off of my over-heating laptop and sit under the fan with my frozen bag of raspberries. 

Happy Friday. 

1 comment:

  1. oh my, we are feeling a heat wave over here, too (though that's not at all unusual for Arkansas :)


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