August 22, 2011

Back To School

Its that time of year.  Back to school time. As a kid I always had mixed feelings about going back to school. On the one hand I dreaded the end of summer and having to go back to waking up before the sun and walking into a lunch room completely terrified of not finding my friends. But on the other hand I always loved school and was excited to see all my friends, read new books, and take new classes (I realize this isn't normal for most kids).

This year all the familiar feelings about going back to school are finding me again, but not as a student this time but rather as a teacher. Classes start next week and I am already thinking about what I'm going to wear  (which is significantly harder when you need to find a balance between a professional outfit and something you can get clay all over...) and what to pack for lunch (the classic PB&J is about all I can come up with for now).

So in the spirit of the season I thought I would share these hilarious (and true) Target commercials. I'm sure you probably have seen them and normally I don't go around promoting commercials, but these were just too darn good. Happy Monday!

" much glitter" (glitter will in fact be the one item I BAN from my classroom)

"shaun white hoodies and denim..."

"and jump drives...not sure what that is but they're gonna be jumpin"

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