August 23, 2011

Earthquake? What Earthquake?

Just before 2pm today my roommate Heather called me to ask if I felt the earthquake. What? What earthquake? This is Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania, not California. She explained how there was an earthquake and that her whole school evacuated as well as some other major buildings downtown.

So I looked it up on the news and sure enough, a 5.9 earthquake hit the east cost around 1:50pm in Virginia and could be felt all the way to New York. Then I felt a little left out of the whole thing. How could I not feel an earthquake? What's wrong with me? But then I remembered that I was most likely driving home from babysitting at the time and therefore didn't feel it. Either that or it happened when I was plugging in my computer battery right after getting home. I had to plug it in at an odd angle by the couch and I remember feeling slightly off balance and like I couldn't figure out how to stand up and walk straight. I just thought I was tired.

So I was either tired or was experiencing an earthquake. (And trust me, when you get home from babysitting the two most energetic children in the world...the distinction between earthquake and exhaustion is no longer clear)

If you are on the east coast did you feel it?


  1. Indeed I did - I was reading, so I was quite still.

  2. Funny story - I was at work, in a conference call with Hershey. All the sudden, I felt the room moving and I swear I saw objects in the room swaying, but my coworkers said they didn't feel anything. While I was feeling that, our client was freaking out on the other end of the phone, "hang on guys, our buildings are shaking!" No one else in our conference room felt it but me, so I really thought I was about to pass out until our client said that. (The loss of equilibrium made me think that it was me and not an actual earthquake.)
    I thought it was pretty cool, but then again, we had no damage and no one was hurt. I'm sure I'd feel differently if we were closer to it.

  3. Lindsay, thats so crazy! I wonder why some people felt it and others didn't? My mom in Philadelphia didn't feel it but her neighbors did. Odd.


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