November 8, 2011


Sometimes I dream of a studio full of pottery wheels and clay tools and glazes. Or canvases and paints. Or a printing press and copper plates. Or stacks of wood and drills and band saws. A studio with a large ceiling and shelves lining the walls with jars and containers filled with anything you could ever desire: chalk pastels, charcoal, paints, pencils, brushes, erasers, fabric, glue, scissors, rulers, you name it. A studio with windows from the floor to the ceiling and hanging plants and a whole chalkboard wall to sketch ideas on. A studio with long tables and stools that swivel. A place to reflect and create and make. A place to welcome others, a place to teach, a place to learn. Sometimes I get so far as to even think of a name, a perfect and fitting name for my studio. And I think of where this studio would be and what I might teach...and if only, if only, if only...

All images by Jennifer Causey for The Makers Project

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