January 12, 2012

Power House Productions

I'm a firm believer that art has the power to create community. Over the years of living in Pittsburgh I've seen many neighborhoods that have been depressed for years because of the collapsed steel mill industry. What used to be thriving towns are now filled with abandoned houses, overgrown lots, and very little community involvement. A few of these neighborhoods are experiencing a gradual renewal largely due to the presence of art communities and non-profits. So when I came across the Power House Productions, my heart went out to what they are doing in Detroit.

"PHP is an incorporated nonprofit whose mission is to develop and implement neighborhood stabilization strategies in a Detroit neighborhood near Hamtramck.  Our program focuses on integrating artists live/work spaces and using art and cultural resources to revitalize the neighborhood."

The artist, Swoon, at work. 

Her same mural in Braddock, Pa (one of the depressed neighborhoods outside of Pittsburgh) a few years ago

[images via PHP]

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