January 31, 2012


My brother came to visit last week, which gave me a great excuse to do all the things in Pittsburgh that I've always wanted to do but can feel too "touristy". We went to Phipps Conservatory and browsed the exotic plants, we got bubble tea and asian food at Lulu's, we went to the movies twice (Red Tails and The Grey), we got Thai food for lunch, we went to the Carnegie Science center to see an IMAX movie, we ate at Pamela's (twice), got more bubble tea, went to the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History, and then came home to bake chocolate chip banana bread from scratch and watch Boy Meets World (Feeney!). On Saturday we drove out to Bedford, PA to meet my parents and walk around the quaint little town.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds like such a fun weekend! I am glad you got to do all of those touristy things [and great pictures too!].


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