January 17, 2012


I'm a sucker for a good piece of wood. When I was studying sculpture I hunted down a shop out in Cranberry that sold thick pieces of cedar wood so that I could have a specific look for my sculpture. It was large and unbelievably heavy but I somehow managed to wrestle it into my car. The smell of cedar took over as I drove home; I couldn't wait to get that thing onto a band-saw.

So when I came across Brooklyn To West and read about Ariele's wood projects I was hooked. Her tables are GORGEOUS. And now I want to make a bench like hers, which is one more reason on my mental list of why I need a studio space. That, and because I don't think my roommates would like it if I bought a pottery wheel and turned our dining room into a makeshift ceramics studio.

[photos via Brooklyn To West]

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  1. Hey Kirstin! Thanks so much for the lovely post about my work! It's always awesome to come across other ladies who love wood and power tools. Great blog! I'm going to keep reading :)


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