February 15, 2012

Guest Post: Day Off

I've always wanted to take a random day off, a mental health day, if you will.  However, both of my parents have always worked full time, so when I was in school there was no such thing as a day off.  If my sister or I were sick my Dad would simply hand us a few pills and kick us out the door.

The months of January to May, at least in the health care world, are exceptionally looonnng.  We don't get any days off from New Years until Memorial Day (by the way, I'm highly distraught that I don't get to remember my Presidents this upcoming Monday.  how un-American).  Anyways, to break up the monotony of these months I was hoping to take Thursday off and head to a local mountain, Seven Springs, for a day of snowboarding.  I wanted to take advantage of the little bit of snow that we got this past weekend, particularly since I haven't been out on my board yet this season.  Wa-waaahh, catch this, it's supposed to rain tomorrow on the mountain.  It's definitely not worth taking the day off for that then, although we'll see if I can come up with some other worthwhile adventure.

I'd like to say that this is true:

From Grady McFErrin

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