February 7, 2012

In The Studio

Some artists buy their supplies at an art store. Me? I prefer Lowes.

I had a ceramic pot that I dubbed my "trial" piece, for ideas that I had but wasn't sure how they'd turn out. So today I went to the studio to grab my newly fired porcelain pot and high-tailed it to Lowes. I found what I was looking for, high gloss tile finish, surprisingly fast, then fought off the temptation to buy another plant (we really don't need that), and headed on home.

I have a thing for using natural materials in most of my artwork (pressed leaves and flowers, sticks, hay, wood, etc.) so it just felt like a no-brainer to bring some of those materials into my ceramic pieces.

Its not quite what I want it to be yet, but this is only attempt #1 of what I'm sure will be many.


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