June 13, 2012

Monthly Post

My roommate Jen pointed out that I've only been posting once a month, and that the date is always the same, the 13th. It was her nice way of saying, "You better post something tomorrow and also you are slacking on the blog." Its true though, I am slacking. I was trying to think of why (besides working a full time job) and I realized that my main purpose in having a blog in the first place was to keep a going record of art/artists that inspire me... but that required digging through the archives of the cyber world to find said artists. Which took work. Which took time. And the pressure of having to hold to my own artistic blog standards was just too much. I mean, I already have to sing "Wheels On The Bus" fifty times a day and swing small children around over my head*, and to write an art blog on top of all that?? I'm not Super Woman, people. So I decided to rethink why I have a blog. I wish I could tell you some really smart, witty, and pulitzer prize winning answer (or at least something that would eventually land me a book deal, and then a movie deal staring Meryl Streep. Juilie & Julia, anyone?) but I got nothin'. All I have is that I like writing, I like art, I like taking photographs, and I like reading blogs. Thats it. So, for now, I'd like to keep it simple. There is no special, witty, Oscar-Movie winning purpose. And if I skip a day or two or month...who cares (besides Jen**)?

p.s. since this post has no theme (hoorah!) how about a winning photo of my boyfriend and I? Cause I like that guy.

*I realize this sounds abusive and dangerous. Trust me, its all for fun. They love it. Really. I promise. 

** Hi Jen. 

1 comment:

  1. I've been waiting for a new post for a while.

    Sending love from the South. <3


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