October 29, 2012

Love Park

This weekend was a bit of a blur. Tyson and I, along with my roommates and a lot of our close friends, drove out to Philly for the weekend. We had a great Tri-state worship service so we met a lot of people, saw old friends, and got to spend some time in the city and go out to eat with my parents.

I'll spare you some of the details of our frustrating driving experiences, suffice it to say Tyson and I were both at our wits-end by Sunday afternoon. We had to coordinate who was driving what car, who was coming with us, who could leave by what time and on and on.

We were driving around and around center city trying to get to Broad (living in Pittsburgh the past four years has erased any trace of the Philly-girl in me when it comes to driving in the city) when we passed "love park". I longingly looked out the window and jokingly exclaimed, "All I wanted was to take a picture under the LOVE sign..." Tyson looked over at me and said, "Let's do it," and we quickly parked the car (probably illegally...but for like a second...) and ran as fast as could, holding hands, up to the park. A guy who was there took a bunch of photos for us and we ran, even faster back to the car, joking about how out of breath we were.

It was exactly what we both needed. It can be hard to break out of a certain attitude or emotion and all the "talking it out" in the world won't help. Sometimes you just need someone to grab you by the hand and say, "Let's do it"

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