January 27, 2011

Quote of the day

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So I don't normally collect "quotes of the day" but this particular one needs some recognition:

"The arts teach students to act and to judge in the absence of rule, to rely on feel, to pay attention to nuance, to act and appraise the consequences of one’s choices and to revise and then to make other choices...Artists have learned to think within materials such as neon tubing and plastic, day glow color and corfam steel, materials that make forms possible that Leonardo daVinci himself could not have conceived of. Each new material offers us new affordances and constraints and in the process develops the ways in which we think. There is a lesson to be learned here for the ways in which we design curricula and the sorts of materials we make it possible for students to work with."
-Elliot W. Eisner

I love the bit about how artists learn to use new materials. Isn't that what is so great about the arts? Its about realizing that some pigment and egg yolk make paint and that if you spin clay and press on it a certain way it can form into a bowl. Its discovery and surprise and wonder. And why on earth would we ever conceive of education without these very things?

And now I need to scramble to read the rest of the article which that quote came from for my education class (and finish my lesson plan and write up my journal entry and print out the readings...all in an hour?) I think this is really what education does to you, teaches you how to respond out of fear and guilt for not getting your work done on time...it works though right?


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