January 28, 2011

Mark Bradford

Temporary, 2005 mixed media collage and string

Merchant Portraits, 2005

Black Venus, 2005 mixed media collage

Where do you get your material as an artist? Your physical material and inspirational material?What I love about being an artist is that there are never any limits to what you can use in your work or what you can respond to. I personally love drawing inspiration from communities and neighborhoods; I like to place my art in areas that are overlooked to hopefully bring attention back to it. I believe that art is a creator of community and connections between people and that teaching art should also be about bringing a sense of community to the people you teach and giving them a tool to then go out and connect to others and bring focus to areas or subjects or issues that need that attention.

That being said...check out Mark Bradford. I love what he says about gesture and about working on two things at once. Sometimes you end up working on something and realize that it really isn't going the way you want it to...but thats really all part of the process! And his point about knowing when to stop is key. Oftentimes people think the hardest thing about art is knowing how to begin but really I think its knowing where to stop.

p.s. the man is TALL

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