February 1, 2011

ED not the ER

My household has come down with some serious colds lately. Seems like each one of us has something different. Everyone but Jen, who never seems to get ill. We've all been coughing and sneezing and downing liquids but not Jen. Seems like Jen has it made.
Until today.

This morning, before heading off to work, Jen was doing some dishes while I was in the living room. All of a sudden I hear, "Crap!" and then a few moments later, "Oh CRAP! Kirstin...I cut myself..."

So off I run into the kitchen to see Jen by the sink holding a bloody finger. This was definitely not something a band-aid and some neosporin could fix, so we went to the ED. This is very important. Did you know that the ER is now called the ED? Emergency department. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Will this be one of those things that I tell my children, "Back in my day it was called the ER"?

Anyway, so we go to the ED and about 50 different people look at Jen's finger (because thats how they do things at UPMC) and tell her she needs stitches. Jen is completely calm during all of this, I was probably more nervous than she was and I can guarantee that if it were me sitting there with the impending doom of stitches hanging over me I would have been a mess. But 5 stitches later Jen was fine, talking up the doctors and ready to go.

In order to celebrate we got some mango popsicles and watched a few episodes of West Wing.
I'll spare you the photos of Jen and her finger. She thinks the stitches are pretty. I think they look like little spiders.

Moral of the story? Don't do dishes.


  1. LOL. this is hilarious. i need to read your blog more. So i can totally picture this all. yeah its not a "room" its a "department". i know i was so confused i had it on my clinical schedule to go to the "ED" for a day and i was really confused.

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