January 31, 2011

Grateful for...

I am so grateful for my roommates. Friday night we played the classic game, Truth or Dare. It wasn't planned or anything, we just sort of spontaneously started playing. Some highlights include Jen imitating a sloth, a black stallion, a gorilla, and an octopus, Desiree dressing up as a super hero, The Russian, and then proceeding to attack Jen with her super power to make people never see the light of day (she tried to wrap Jen in her cape), and myself putting on the weirdest clothes in my closet (bright green leggings, red snow pants complete with suspenders, a blue sequined shirt and a backwards Phillies cap) and doing three cat walks (a model, a ballerina, and a gangster. Apparently my gangster walk still looked like a ballerina. Basically that just means I am getting really good at ballet).

And last night for our family time (every sunday we make sure all four of us are home to do something fun together or pray together or eat together, etc) Jen had us all pick a piece of paper with a challenge on it and then with the challenges we had to build a fort in our living room. I got "blindfolded" so the whole time I couldn't see anything and just kept hitting people with my yard stick. Des got "no hearing" so she had my headphones on and listened to music, she couldn't hear what we said and kept yelling whenever she was trying to talk with us. Heather got "no speaking" and Jen had "can only use non dominant hand". We were kind of a mess in the beginning but we eventually got the hang of it and the girls made me stay inside the fort for most of the building process so that I would stop hitting people. And Des just kept yelling things like, "Where do we want to put the blanket!!?" and then she would sing a little bit of whatever song she was listening to. I can't really tell you what Jen and Heather were doing because I couldn't see. I have to say though, we made a pretty amazing fort.

And before all of that, we had dinner together; pulled pork, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.
See? I have the best roommates.

1 comment:

  1. Your roomies sound awesome and your "family time" sounds like the coolest time ever.
    I'm jealous. You're making me miss college.


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