February 11, 2011

Let The Students Stand. Or Jump.


There is an elementary school up the street from my house where I've started doing observations for my class. I love doing observations because it reminds me of why I love children, for instance, I wasn't two feet in the door of the school before a little girl asked me to tie her shoes. She doesn't know me, she's never seen me before, all she knows is that I look old enough to be able to tie my own shoes and therefore might be able to help her out as well. The school is a city school so there was a lot of PSSA hype. If there is one thing I am learning in my certification program its that assessing students through standardized testing is abhorred by most teachers, with good reason. Most of the students I saw today were fairly well behaved but bored out of their minds. I was bored too. School just didn't look like any fun. They had a small drawing activity for their chapter book and while they were working they had to be silent and sit at their desks. What craziness is that? We keep talking about (in my classes) how its actually beneficial for students to stand when they do art and to be able to talk with one another. It was frustrating to see students bound to their desks in an effort to keep them from misbehaving.

I didn't mean for this post to turn into a rant about public schools...so let's switch gears. Banksy. You probably have heard of him. And if you haven't heard of him I suggest you get on google and find out about his art. You won't find out much about the artist himself, which only adds to the mystique. His street art is clever and oftentimes satirical, situated in public areas and drawing people's attention to absurd situations or nuances in urban settings.

Have a wonderful friday!

(image found via google image search)

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