February 24, 2011

One More Reason To Love South Africa

I don't think I've really talked too much about my love for South Africa here...which is surprising. First off, I've never been to South Africa. I only admire it from afar. But that doesn't stop me from loving everything about that country. I spent a good amount of my time last year writing a grant and contacting organizations in Port Elizabeth, SA in an attempt to live there for a year. Unfortunately I didn't get the grant but I haven't given up on my dream to live there someday.

So, this leads me to Bicycle Portraits (found via Cup of Jo). Bicycle Portraits is a small group of people in South Africa that are exploring how other South Africans use bikes as transportation. They are trying to heavily promote the use of bikes in South Africa in order to help people become more independent (since South Africa has no reliable public transportation that is safe and inexpensive). Their ultimate goal is to put a collection of photographs together into a book to assist the underprivileged cycling community.

This video is my favorite.


  1. Kirstin I could see you being an old lady riding your bike every day. Love the video - and don't ever lose your dream for South Africa :)

  2. Renee! Come with me to South Africa okay? We'll ride bikes and go on safaris


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