February 25, 2011

Photo Of The Day

This time last week I was barefoot in a field in Virginia. Now I am sitting inside watching the snow fall. The end of winter is always a little confusing. Anyway, I really need to be writing a paper about Elliot Eisner, who is, by the way, my new favorite person, so instead of a legit post I am going to need to keep this short. Which has led me to something I would like to do for a few weeks and see how it evolves: Photo of the Day. Simple. Done. I probably don't need to explain how this will work.

So here we go.
This photo was taken about a year and a half ago in Manchester, a neighborhood in Pittsburgh. These are my friends from Tanzania.


  1. Virginia?
    Yay for photo of the day! Are they all going to be pictures you've taken?

  2. I was there for a retreat :)
    I'm not sure about the photos, I think it will be a mixture...


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