March 1, 2011


Yikes. This weekend was a busy one. I had a weaving class, a meeting with the girls in my campus ministry, babysitting, a ceramics class, and oh yeah, my roommate got engaged. I'm so happy for her and excited to see what God is bringing about in her life. But its also bittersweet. This is the second time a roommate has gotten engaged and while it is definitely a joyous thing it is also hard knowing that I will lose such an amazing, funny, and loving roommate. But on the bright side I get to help her plan a bit of her wedding.

I'm sorry to say that I have no new artists to share today. Mainly I am still working on my final work for a class that finishes next week and so I don't have much beyond the scope of Elliot Eisner to discuss right now. BUT I will leave you with this...

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