March 14, 2011

(A Parenthetical) Grateful for...

I know today is tuesday but let's just pretend its monday. This week is busy as well, so posts may be infrequent, but next week should be back to normal.

There are a lot of things to be grateful for, especially in light of the recent earthquake in Japan. I will list a few:
  • a home (with incredible roommates, and two friends from Kentucky staying with us this week!)
  • a car so I can go places (like Leetsdale, PA for high school art observations. I'm pretty sure there's no bus system out there)
  • clean drinking water (that I don't have to walk 8 hours to obtain)
  • a family to call when I need help (like thursday night's flat tire situation)
  • a puppy (oh wait, no I don't have one...but I would be grateful if I did...)
Happy Tuesday
[photo found here]

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