April 6, 2011


My mind has been all over the place recently which makes it difficult to come up with a coherent post. I'm in the middle of writing a unit plan (which is basically a group of related lesson plans, usually about 4-6) about taking inspiration from people and exploring the human figure through painting, drawing, collaging, and photography. I don't know why I did this to myself. The human figure is about the most difficult thing for me to express in art. I'm terrible at drawing people. I never really had any formal lessons on it and the times when we did sketch models I hated every minute of it. In painting I carefully chose subjects who could be easily copied and almost always avoided representing the hands or feet. The skin tone would be perfected but my model always has blurry stumps as hands and feet. But I think the reason why I chose this topic is because so many artists have similar anxieties when it comes to the human figure (not everyone is a da Vinci or Rembrandt). I want to ease that anxiety with high school students by doing projects that will take the pressure off of the perfection of the body. The irony is that its causing me a lot of anxiety trying to figure out what exactly that means and how to pull it off. So, if you have any brilliant ideas for me, please share.

In the meantime, enjoy this video featuring one of my favorite places (that I've never been to), South Africa.

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