April 28, 2011


I know artists that carry sketchbooks with them wherever they go. I am not such an artist. However, I have kept a few over the years, and throughout college it was the only way for me to flesh out a lot of my sculpture ideas (many of which never made it to "real life" and still remain trapped in 2-D). I think an artist's sketchbook is often more exciting and revealing than any of their finished work. There are no wrong or bad ideas in a sketchbook; there is no pressure on the image to look perfect or completed, it can simply be what it is. So, when I found the Sketchbook Series on Book By Its Cover I was thrilled to catch a glimpse into the sketchbooks of other artists. Take a look:

[Rachel Levit]

[Becca Stadtlander]

[Alison Worman]

[Yelena Bryksenkova]

[Lars Henkel]

[all images via Book By Its Cover]

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