June 2, 2011

A Day

Do you ever have those days where you don't have a whole lot planned and you think to yourself, "This will probably be a relaxing day," and then all these things just come out of nowhere and before you know its 11:05pm and you're thinking, "What even happened...?"
I kind of had one of those days. Not to say that it was a bad day, at all, because in fact in was pretty great, but the pace ended up being unexpected.
I drove my good friend Sarah to the airport today. She is living for a month in Spain (I know) to take classes. I came in with her and saw her through to security and just being in an airport for less than 20 minutes made me wish I could hop on the plane with her. I just love the feeling of being in an airport. Some people find it stressful or annoying but I find it exciting and thrilling to go from here to there, checking the boards for your gate number, waiting to board the plane, waiting to take off, and waiting to land. I would jump on a plane right now if I could...

The day ended with a spontaneous trip to get frozen yogurt with Jen and Desiree. It went something like this:
Desiree: "I guess I need to move my car in the garage..."
Me: "I just really want frozen yogurt" (sometimes what I say doesn't have anything to do with current conversation)
Desiree: "Me too...and I do need to move my car..."
Me: "...so you wanna move it over to Razzy Fresh before you move it in the garage...?"
Desiree: "Yeah"

So then we grabbed Jen and got frozen yogurt and listened to a guy play his guitar and danced (probably embarrassing ourselves) along to his music. It was the best way to end a rather scattered and busy day.

[photo via WeHeartIt]

1 comment:

  1. I'm happy you got your snack!

    maybe that helps the not-restful day?


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