June 1, 2011

The Weekend

This past weekend I traveled home for my brother's 18th birthday and to spend some much needed time by the ocean. Friday was also my brother's prom so my mom and I took lots and lots and lots of photos (okay that was mainly me because sometimes I can go a little crazy and take too many pictures of things, like 100 too many) of him and his girlfriend and their friends all dressed up. Then we went to the beach for the remainder of the long weekend (and my good friend Tricia later joined, which was so great to be able to see her). We went for walks on the beach, ate fish, read books, collected shells, rode our bikes, played card games, and watched movies (for some odd reason my mom and I watched both Men In Blacks, the second one we watched twice. We did not do this on purpose, it just happened to be on tv a lot...apparently we Americans like to celebrate Memorial Day weekend by watching movies about aliens. And Will Smith).

On one of the days that my mom and I decided to go for a walk on the beach we noticed a few people looking at something in the ocean. We realized that whatever it was was dead and soon a man pulled it out of the waves and onto the shore: a dead dolphin. A crowd quickly gathered and people just stood around it, staring. What do you do? Well, I took pictures. It was a pretty sad sight but also a little fascinating. I debated even putting the photo up here because it kind of throws the mood of the whole "happy at the beach" thing, but this is nature, this is what happens. And the last few photos are from a "Shell Museum" a few blocks from our house. Its kind of weird and basically a 5 year-olds dream.

Hope you had a lovely long weekend as well.


  1. such a great post. and that dolphin is tiny. also sandy just got a beach house! in OC i think...right on the beach!! gosh i miss the beach so much. let's go up there again :)

  2. poor flipper:(

    but hey, aside from feeling depressed about it, what do you do but take pictures of it? still so fascinating.

  3. I want your puppy! And the beach!

  4. What a wee dolphin! I had to do a double-take because it was so tiny and, er, had that cartoonish look of surprise- poor little guy!

    What a heavenly weekend, and CUTE. OLD. PUP. So sweet! Thanks for stopping by bigBANG. xo


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