June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! I wrote a bit about my mom for mother's day and truthfully could have written tons more. I was thinking just last night about the many times my mom has stuck it through with me  when I've been sick (one of my roommates came down with some stomach bug and so I naturally am prepared to get the same thing...yikes). I know my mom hates getting sick herself but she's never left my side when I needed her (even when I'm puking into a trash can...that's love). I remember calling her one night when I was a sophomore in college, away from home, and I felt sick to my stomach and didn't want to talk to anyone but her. She not only answered her phone in the middle of the night but stayed on with me until I started to feel better. So, mom, thanks for sticking it out with me when I've been my sickest and for being there for me when I'm also feeling my best. Happy Birthday!

1 comment:

  1. ahh....thanks, kirstin! this is the best present! Such pukey, i mean, wonderful memories!! I hope you don't get that stomach thing!


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