June 14, 2011


These next two weeks might be a little sparse in terms of art blogging. We unexpectedly need to move and have about a month to find a new place. I've been a bit sad about having to leave here. I get so attached to places and houses and I just don't want to leave our little porch out back and our HUGE living room and dining room space, and especially the washer and dryer in the basement (not having to go to a coin-op laundromat is like gold). But we need to move on and find a new place...there's a time to plant and a time to uproot and now is our uprooting time (ecclesiastes). Along with a move I am also helping my roommate Desiree with all her wedding decorations. She is getting married in less than two weeks (!!) and so there is a lot to do. I love having something like this as a creative outlet but I've also never done anything like this before so its a little nerve-wracking too. So, blogging should be back to normal and a little more art focused in a few weeks, but for the time being it might be more "life-focused", which isn't a bad thing right?

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