July 12, 2011

The Makers

I think it has been long enough since I've posted something actually related to art. So let's jump back in, shall we?

I recently came across The Makers which is a brilliant project by Jennifer Causey. She documents the work/workspaces of artists and craftsmen in Brooklyn New York. From florists to chocolate makers to food stylists, she's captured it all. And boy, am I grateful. I especially love her two features of ceramicists (maybe because I'm trying to work on my ceramics skills before I have to teach my high school classes).

The Makers is so wonderful because it opens a window into what can often be forgotten art forms. This is the more practical side of the arts. These are the things you drink out of, eat, or wear. But they are just as artistically executed as a Monet painting hanging in the Louvre.

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