July 1, 2011

Photo Friday...The Hannigan Wedding [part 2]

Folks, its taken me a lot longer to edit these photos than I originally thought. Some of that is due to slow creative decision making on my part. I love each and every photo and it took me at least a few days to whittle it down from over 400 photos to just under 200. Each photo worked really well with different editing styles which made it hard for me to choose what I wanted to do, so you'll notice that some are edited to look one way while others are edited to look a completely different way. Decisions, decisions, decisions. All that said, here is the first batch of two. The rest will appear on flickr. 

The day itself was so full of love and excitement. I remember talking to Des years ago, before her and Ben were even dating, and it was so easy to tell how much she liked him and how willing she was to be patient and see where their friendship would go. To now see them together as a married couple is such a beautiful thing. I've treasured living with Des and our crazy times as a household (truth or dare for instance...one time she made me call our friend Jon and sing along to "Party In The USA" with a mouthful of crackers) and it was a special thing to be there for her as she got engaged and tried to navigate the hectic world of wedding planning. 

The day before the wedding I was trying to find her baby photos and came across one of her old journals. I couldn't help looking through it (I know...nosey...) and found a prayer she had written years and years ago about marriage and finding a husband someday. It was so amazing to see the way God answered that prayer in full for her and how she was determined to remain faithful to God and not compromise on her beliefs. It made me realize that as we were all setting up and taking photos and rehearsing that all of this was a part of a larger plan God had for the both of them.

It made me happy to see all the love that people poured into this day for the two of them. We hung hand sewn fabric banners, set out homemade pies, arranged collections of old books from friends, pinned up family photos, set the cake atop a stand made from Des' brother in law, the cake was made by her sister, they were married by our evangelist, the dj was our friend Jon (the same one I had to sing with a mouthful of crackers to), and even the chalkboard sign was written by our friend and artist Haley.

Happy Friday!

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  1. that wedding looks so stinking cute and homey. i love it.


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