August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Kate!

It is my longtime best friend (she is really more like a sister) Kate's birthday today!

Kate befriended me in 1st grade when I had no other friends (the perils of moving) and used to circle the playground alone. She is the one who laughs at everything and anything (like a paper falling on the floor). She is down to earth and yet extremely unique. I've never met anyone who Kate doesn't get along with (which explains why she was voted homecoming queen in high school). She is an extremely talented drummer, engineer, and a fierce fan of Beyonce. There has never been a doubt in my mind about her loyalty as a friend; she is always there for me, giving me advice, challenging me in my faith and influencing my music tastes (who else could get me to listen to Justin Bieber? Which I am doing right your honor Kate). 

[Kate and I after pieing each other in the face. I told you she was great.]

I love you Kate and Happy Birthday!

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