August 5, 2011

Photo Friday (and an Anne Hathaway sighting...?)

A few snapshots from the day and our new apartment. I felt a bit off today. I don't think that a stats exam is a good way to start off your Friday morning. The afternoon was hot and humid but I drank hot tea anyway and sat outside on our little balcony. My friend Rachel and I went to the library so that I could get some books on tape for my long drive to the beach this weekend (fist pump). She left afterwards to meet our other friend Sarah and scope out the Batman set. And guess what? They saw Anne Hathaway. That's been my goal all week...I should have risked that parking ticket and gone with them...

Happy weekend!

p.s. That soy ice cream may or may not have been my dinner.


  1. may I borrow the picture of the sea-shells? you gave me an idea for a project.

  2. of course! I'd love to see/know about your project!


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