August 12, 2011

Photo Friday

Early on in the vacation my camera battery died (and my charger was the item I forgot when I kept thinking to myself, "I feel like I forgot something..."). So here are a few of the photos I was able to capture before it died on me. My cousins and I went to the beach while the sun was going down, when it is finally a peaceful and serene place and not swarmed with tourists toting their chairs and umbrellas and boogie boards. I'll share more photos (because there are many) of our vacation next week. Happy Friday!


  1. lovely photos! i love the beach while the sun is going down :)
    xo dana

  2. Bummer about the camera battery dying :( BOO on that! But you did manage to take some AMAZING are pretty talented

  3. i hate forgetting my charger. but the photos you did manage to take are so so stunning.


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