August 24, 2011

Sculpture/Barbara Hepworth

Of all the art forms I am convinced that none are as thrilling as sculpture. The feel of raw material in your hand, adding or subtracting a physical form, molding, shaping, casting, welding, sawing, sanding; its a complete wrestle and formation of an idea.

While I was at the University of Pittsburgh I focused on sculpture and earth art. I merely scratched the surface of the sculpture world but it was enough to hook me for life. It was an unlikely match for me, as I always felt meek in my approach to art. Drawing a human figure still scares me to death. But give me a torch or a drill and I can go to town.

While I was working on my last sculpture, a wood piece, I was unconsciously influenced by a sculptor we had viewed earlier in the course: Barbara Hepworth. Her sculptures are fluid, beautiful, simple in form and all together enchanting. Its no wonder they crept into my subconscious and released themselves through my own work. I love these photos of her in her art school days (Henry Moore was a fellow classmate) and her working in her studio.

Barbara Hepworth (right) and Henry Moore (middle)

Now that I have finally located my camera charger (huzzah!) I will show you the piece I am talking about tomorrow.

[photos via Barbara Hepworth]

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