September 7, 2011

Student Teaching 101

The adventure of student teaching has officially begun. Let me sum it up for you:

1. Get up way too early.
2. Fight your way through crowds of high-schoolers.
3. Make photocopies.
4. Take attendance.
5. Talk to high-schoolers about ceramics. Try to make it sound awesome. It is awesome. They are just too tired to know that yet.
6. Bell rings. 
7. Repeat 3-6
8. Congregate with other art teachers in the hall
9. Label bottles of glaze
10. Repeat 3-6 for about 4 more class periods
11. Eat lunch and watch America's Funniest Videos while discussing Raku firing
12. Repeat 3-6 for one last time
13. Write up lesson plans for next week

There you have it folks. Nothing too glamourous yet. But just you wait. Soon we will be making pots and throwing on the wheel and taking a field trip outside by the cafeteria to have a cookout with s'mores while we fire ceramics (fist pump).

p.s. we went to Ohiopyle this weekend (one of my favorite hiking areas and state parks in PA), I'll post photos soon

p.p.s. still tweaking the blog a bit and working on that banner, so again, please bear with any changes

[photo via We Heart It]

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