September 8, 2011

To My Students

Dear High Schoolers,

I can't figure you out. I used to be one of you guys. But now I just don't get it. Do you know that I can hear you talking at your tables when you should be working? Do you know that I can hear your whispers after I leave your table when I probably just told you something you didn't want to hear, like, "Keep working"? Do you know how futile the question, "Can we choose our own partners?" is? No. You don't. I don't blame you though. You are young and you don't really care about ceramics. You care about an easy A. You don't get the same thrill I do out of mixing clay and throwing it on the wheel. You hate getting your nails dirty. I love it. You don't want to talk about the elements and principals of design or discuss art. I do. You don't think twice about these things. I can't stop thinking about them. You may sit there and blankly stare at me all you want but I will tell you this: somehow I will teach you all of these amazing things, whether you realize you are learning it or not. And your apathy will not deter my enthusiasm. And perhaps just one of you will walk away from class feeling the lingering thrill of creating.

Your determined student teacher,
Ms. Bowdler

p.s. How do you people not know who Billie Holiday is?
p.p.s. I can't believe most of you were born in 1997

[photo via We Heart It]


  1. You tell 'em!! I'm sure you'll get through to more than just one! If you keep your positive attitude and enthusiasm about art and teaching it's sure to be infectious! They probably can't believe they have such a young and beautiful teacher!

  2. i also cant believe that kids born in 1997 are now high schoolers and not babies! how did this happen!


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