September 27, 2011


Hi there. So, its Tuesday. I keep missing my Mondays here so please forgive me. I am usually recovering from the first day back at school.

I haven't been collecting much in the way of new art or artists that inspire me. I hope to get back to that soon. Mostly I am focusing on becoming the kind of teacher that can inspire her own students to become great artists. Or at least not chuck their coil pots in the trash. I almost gave a mini lecture today about negativity and respecting other people's artwork as well as their own. High school students are very hard on themselves and I'd say the most work I do in the day comes not in teaching coiling techniques but in generating self-efficacy.

I hate to leave you empty handed, after all this is meant to be a blog about art, and so here is a great "green painting", a reproduction of van Gogh's A Wheatfield with Cypresses.

[top image via google bottom image via Design Scouting]

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