October 24, 2011

Grateful for...

I love when my family comes to visit. It means I get to eat real food at real restaurants. 
And I guess I also really love just being with them. A lot. We went to the Andy Warhol Museum, ate dinner at Lidia's, ate breakfast at Pamela's, went to Fallingwater and Ohiopyle, ate dinner at BRGR (I told you, real food), and caught a movie (The Big Year. Anyone see it?). I only wish they could have stayed longer. 

As for Fallingwater. I am now an expert, with two trips in one week, 5 lectures to 5 ceramics classes, and grading over 90 worksheets. Go ahead, test me. (Where was the stone quarried? 500 feet from the waterfall. The name of the red paint that Wright used on the steel? Cherokee Red. Where did Mrs. Kaufmann die? In the guest house. Bam.)


  1. Wow! What wonderful places you've been to recently. I love the facts you shared too.

  2. love your boots!!! fantastic. i remember learning about that house in art classes.


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