November 3, 2011

"Are You A Real Life Artist?"

one of my favorite little girls in the whole world and her proud papa teaching her how to bob for apples

Teaching at an elementary school is, among other things, entertaining. Here are some things my students have said to me:

-"Are you a real life artist?"
-"I didn't finish my drawing last week because I was throwing up" Then another little boy, "I was throwing up in my bed" and yet another little boy after him, "I'm still all snotty" I proceeded to move far, far away after this conversation
-"You don't know me" When I tried to take away her candy
-"Are you Ms. Kramer's daughter?" referring to my co-operating teacher

I promise you there will be more to come.

I also love elementary students because they make me gifts and help my self-esteem. One boy made me a necklace. Its a little dolphin charm on a piece of yarn. I wore it all day. And while I was on lunch duty two eighth grade boys told me, "You are going to be the best teacher" and "You are awesome!" Whereas I'm pretty sure my high school students were muttering "good riddance" under their breath the moment I left.

If teaching elementary students means that I get rad necklaces and don't have to deal with moody teenagers and their eye-rolls then sign me up.

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