November 11, 2011

Favorites/Day Off

I love holidays. And I love no school on holidays. And I especially love no-school holidays that give me a three day weekend. I'm spending my day off walking to get breakfast at my favorite place, Pamela's, lingering in their old church pew benches with some tea and reading my bible. Then I'm planning on cramming for my Praxis exam which is at the crack of dawn on Saturday. And yeah, I haven't really studied at all so I'm going to be stuffing as much art history and art content knowledge into my brain as I possibly can. Before I drown in a sea of Neoclassical and Romanesque art I'll leave you with a few of my favorite things this week:

The greatest happy ending (or, more appropriately, beginning. Follow the whole story)

A whole month of being thankful

I love seeing the space where people live, it can tell you so much about a person

Organic looking collages

Just a little hooked on this blog, and all the lovely photos

Got me longing for the ocean

Happy weekend! (And Happy 11-11-11)

[photo via Rose & Crown]

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