November 10, 2011

"What's Yo Name??"

My friends from Manchester, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Pittsburgh

 In my kindergarten class there is one girl who has attitude. She's been suspended 3 times. As a 5-year-old. She never sits still and she doesn't like to listen. So today, I asked her to be my "special friend" and sit right next to me as we did our lesson. She likes to forget my name, so about every two minutes she would say (very loudly), "What's yo name??" Exactly like that. And after a while all the other kids would respond, "Its Ms. B!!" and she would go, "Oh yeah"....two minutes later, "What's yo name??" and repeat. After about the 15th time I just said (with sass), "I don't believe you...I'm not telling you my name anymore" and she smiled. I decided to try to make a good example out of her, to find the things she was doing well and alert the class. She was doing well on her drawing so I said to the class, "I like the way Marisa* is working" and it caught on. She proudly exclaimed, "Look Ms. B, look at my lines" There was no "What's yo name??" this time. Later, at clean-up, I gave her a job and once she was done she was headed for trouble, so I cut her off and asked her to sit quietly in her chair so that she could be my "model student". She did and I said to the class, "I like the way Marisa is sitting, great job Marisa" and she beamed. And I did an inward fist pump.

*name has been changed

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